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All classes are designed to develop strength, coordination, balance, and basic skills.

In addition to gymnastics and cheer classes, we also offer a variety of tumbling and trampoline classes, plus a FENCING program. See the class descriptions below.

Our classes build self confidence and give your child the opportunity to experience their choice of sport, whether recreationally or competitively, in a positive and safe environment.

Please contact the gym to sign up - 573-777-0323 or

 Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Preschool Gymnastics (PS) "It's Gymnastics Day!"
This class is for boys and girls, ages 3 - 5. Gymnasts will learn basic gymnastics skills in an obstacle course setting, eliminating lines. This class is designed to develop strength, flexibility, body awareness, self control and a positive self esteem. Other activities include hoops, ribbons, balls and parachute. Classes are 55 minutes.

This is a beginner class designed to teach basic gymnastics skills on the 4 apparatus while having fun in a positive and safe environment. This is a 55 minute class. Students must be 5 years old or in kindergarten.

Beginning Gymnastics
(Kindergarten and up) This is a beginner class designed to teach basic gymnastics skills on the 4 apparatus while having fun in a positive and safe environment. This is a 55 minute class.

Intermediate Gymnastics
(1st grade and up) This class will focus on the next level of skills. All classes are 90 minutes.

Advanced Gymnastics
(3rd grade and up) Advanced skills are taught during this 2 hour class. Strength, conditioning and flexibility are emphasized.

Recreational classes are taught in a progressive method that allows each child to develop at their own rate. Children will develop strength, flexibility, agility, confidence and basic coordination for all other sports.
Our programs are based on the USA Junior Olympic Developmental Program and Guidelines.

Cheer Combo and Mini Cheer Combo - This class will focus on proper cheer motions and jump techniques as well as power tumbling skills. Basic stunting techniques are taught when ready .
All classes will emphasize proper stretching, strength and endurance. (Ages 4 - 7, and 8+)

ALL trampoline and tumbling classes are coed and will include strength, conditioning and flexibility during the 55 minutes.

Beginner Trampoline - This class will include a 15 minute warm-up/stretch to improve flexibility. Instruction on the trampoline will include basic rolls, shapes, positions, control and safety skills.

Beginner TNT - This class is a combination of trampoline and tumbling. Advanced TNT is by invitation only.

Beginning Tumbling - Focus is on basic tumbling skills including but not limited to rolls, handstands, kickovers, limbers, roundoffs.

Level 2/3 Tumbling - Students will continue working on perfecting basic tumbling skills and learn proper technique for roundoffs, backhandsprings and somersaulting.
This is a class for students who are working on their standing back handsprings, and RO backhandsprings.

Advanced Tumbling - Students will work on acro series including back tucks, layouts and fulls. Students must have a RO-FF-Tuck prior to entering this class.


Focus is on footwork and blade drills. Students will develop hand-eye coordination, agility, endurance, and build confidence in a positive, fun, and encouraging class. Students must have legs covered (sweats or baseball pants), with a T-shirt and tennis shoes.